Frequently Asked Questions

Please, do not hesitate to contact Calligraphy Studio with any of your calligraphy projects or any questions you may have. Please, note this section is for reference purposes only. It is always advisable to contact Calligraphy Studio for a personal tailored quotation.

I’m interested in using your services, what is the next step?
Calligraphy Studio is essentially email based. Our team of highly skilled professional calligraphy artists is available to give free online consultations and quotations without any obligation.

Please, send us your enquiry with as much information and details as possible.

If your are inquiring about stationery for a special event, please let us know the number of guests and the date of the event. We also need to know your deadline, so we can advice of possible turnaround.

For text based commissions, such as panels of poetry or prose, letters or books inscriptions, we need you to email us the text, so we can give the exact quote and produce a sample.

We aim to respond promptly to all emails. If you have not received a reply in 48 hours, please email or call us, as we most probably have not received your email.

Do you do rush orders?
Rush orders are taken on a case-by-case basis, depending on the volume of your order, how busy the Studio is, and your deadline. Rush orders will incur an extra fee of 30% of the order’s final amount to pay.

Can you send me a price list?
You can find a guide to our current prices in our digital booklet at the link at the bottom of our website pages (Samples Booklet), but it is advisable to enquire for a personalized and tailored quote.

How do I make payment?
We will send you an invoice with payment information and payment options.

What payment types do you take?
We welcome payments done by bank transfer. Optionally, payments can be done with debit/credit card over a phone (AmEx cards are not accepted) or via PayPal (we will send a payment request for PayPal payment). We also accept payments via Barclays PingIt. Upon collection we accept payments in cash and with debit/credit cards.

Do you check for mistakes?
Yes, we always spell check our work against the data supplied by the Client. Lists will be written as provided, so please check carefully for accuracy with regards to spellings, titles and abbreviations before sending your text to the Studio at the beginning of the job. We will always check for errors but responsibility for accuracy is ultimately the Client’s responsibility.

Final spell checking of all work supplied is the responsibility of the Client. Calligraphy Studio must be notified of any mistakes within 7 days of receipt of completed work. Mistakes generated by the Studio will be corrected free of charge.

Do you require ‘extras?’
Yes, we require 10% more blank stationery than names on your lists. For urgent and rush jobs we require 15% more blank stationery to take into account additional requests, errors and mishaps.

Is there a minimum fee?
The minimum charge of 1 hour work applies to any commission in case the charges in standard rates fell below the rate of 1 hour work. The minimum charge is lowered for 1/3 for returning clients.

Do you provide samples?
Yes, in some cases we can provide samples free of charge. Free samples are always offered for calligraphy panel commissions. We can also offer to produce examples in your preferred handwriting styles and ink colour tests if you supply a sample of your stationery. As a standard, we offer up to 3 examples per request. Samples for commissions such as logos are always charged for. However, all commissions are taken on a case-by-case basis, so please feel free to enquire.

What colours of inks do you offer?
We can offer almost any colour, including metallic colours. Just email us with your requests and we will try to accommodate your wishes. Please, note that there is an extra charge for an exact colour matching service.

How do I send my guest/address list?
When providing address lists, it is helpful to receive them in digital format, such as MS Word or MS Excel files. Ideally, we would prefer the lists to be formatted with names and addresses in the label format (two columns per page is perfect). Please, make sure to remove any unnecessary data from the name list to avoid confusion and mistakes. If you provide name lists with several tabs, please mention that in your correspondence.

We always return stationery in the same order as supplied by the Client, so please make sure you email the list with names/addresses arranged in the correct order. With large orders, after the writing has started, we will not accept name lists with rearranged order. Any changes to the lists must be marked clearly, so we can find them straight away.

We do not accept handwritten lists under any circumstances. Please, do not print out address in spread sheet format to be supplied with your stationery.

What is your turnaround time?
The turnaround depends on the size of a commission. Small jobs can usually be done in one working day, however that depends on how busy we are. Oftentimes, we can offer 24 hours turnaround, but such option can only be offered when we know exactly what you are planning to commission and in what numbers. When we reply to your initial enquiry, the rough turnaround time is always given whenever possible.

How far in advance do I have to book?
We recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. It is always best to book your work in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do you work with Clients only in London?
We can provide our services worldwide, but please inquire and we will be able to advise.

What about delivery?
Clients are welcome to collect or arrange the collection directly from Calligraphy Studio. Depending on your needs and location, in some cases we can post or arrange a courier to collect and deliver on day of your choice.

Do you require a deposit?
We usually do not require a deposit. Payment is generally due after services are completed.

What printing options do you offer?
In some cases we can offer in-house printing. The maximum paper weight we can offer for the print is 280gsm. The printing can be done only in black and up to A3 size.

I have a great idea, can I discuss it face-to-face?
Calligraphy Studio is essentially email based, so we require any commission to be initiated by email or by call. We always advice to email us first with all the relevant information, including images or links to what you would like us to see. At this stage, we will be able to suggest how we can help and what can be done, and most probably produce some rough examples. Only after the examples are produced, we can proceed with a meeting or a consultation, if needed. Please, note that we will charge a hourly rate for face-to-face meetings and consultations.

What is Printwriting?
Printwriting is not printing as such. Printwriting is done by a modern, precise, and versatile machine, capable of writing or drawing on almost any flat surface. It can write with fountain pens, permanent markers, and other writing implements. The machine is operated via computer, so we use fonts for Printwriting. Printwriting can be done with almost any pen or marker in a variety of colours, including metallic. However, the Studio can offer only a limited choice of colours. We require samples of stationery in advance to conduct ink suitability tests. Clients are welcome to provide pens in preferred colour, but all pens must be tested on the actual stationery. We can suggest using Printwriting for long letters, long book or album inscriptions, or commissions that require a long text, or those commissioned in large numbers. Printwriting is also a low budget option, so please do feel free to enquire.

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