Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Calligraphy Studio are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and you hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Each of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed independently of the remaining clauses, and the invalidity of any one part shall not impact the validity of any other.
These Terms and Conditions of Calligraphy Studio are set out to confirm that both Parties understand the work/tasks to be carried out, the costs involved, the time scale set for payments, and the issues regarding Client property. The agreed work to be carried out as a part of the job MUST be confirmed by email or post, before commencement.

Data, security and privacy
All assignments and Client contact details are treated as strictly confidential. Calligraphy Studio will never intentionally divulge, disclose, or communicate Client information, other than as images (see below). However, Calligraphy Studio is hereby authorised to use trading names of all Clients in its own publicity and on its website, unless expressly excluded in writing by the Client, before any chargeable work is done.
Your name, address, email address, and order history will be stored by Calligraphy Studio. We reserve the right to contact you by email on matters concerning your orders. We reserve the right to show images of all our work online, in our promotional literature, and in press features.

Email attachments
Due to computer viruses, all incoming emails will be scanned. However, we may still not open unsolicited attachments to emails or emails that look suspicious of being sent by an unrecognized sender, with no subject heading, or emails containing no message alongside an attachment.

Calligraphy Studio has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that information provided through this website is accurate. However, we accept no liability for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions through technical or other reasons. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice, and to make changes and corrections to the website. By using the website after the implementation of any such changes, you will be deemed to have accepted such change.

Calligraphy Studio's standard rates apply to tasks carried out at Studio premises. All work outside of the Studio will be additionally charged hourly, while all travel costs and any other expenses will be charged separately. The hourly rate is billed in increments of 1 hour, with time rounded up to the nearest half an hour, plus calligraphy work, with 1 hour being a minimum charge.
Some examples can be produced free of charge if agreed upon with the Studio. Any time taken carrying out work experimentally at the Client's request, or discussing an assignment in detail face to face, shall be charged at the standard hourly rate.
Prices are determined in accordance with Calligraphy Studio’s price list quoted in Samples booklet accessible on the Studio’s website. The Studio can change the prices at any time and without prior notice. The minimum charge of 1 hour work will apply to any commission in case the charges in standard rates fell below the rate of 1 hour work.
Please, contact Calligraphy Studio if you have any queries regarding pricing.

An email or other written confirmation accepting the Terms and Conditions is required before any chargeable work can commence. Estimates are provided on request. There is a minimum charge for one hour of calligraphy work. Therefore, estimates as opposed to quotations are provided. If the Client's original requirements change, we reserve the right to amend the original estimate.

Payment is required within 30 days from the date of invoice. Minimum invoice amount is for one hour at the standard hourly rate. Invoices are included with returned work or sent by email. (Clients must ensure they have provided a valid email address that is checked regularly.) Should work be suspended or delayed through any default of the Customer, Calligraphy Studio shall be entitled to receiving payment for the work carried out and expenses incurred. Additional items added after your order has been dispatched will incur an administration fee of £10.00 in addition to the cost of the item. Calligraphy Studio can sometimes offer an express service for urgent items or jobs requiring an exceptionally fast turnaround. These orders will incur an extra fee of 30% of the order total. Private commissions must be paid for on completion of the work.

Payments are to be made by bank transfer, cash, over the phone or online with a debit or credit card through PayPal (online payments via PayPal will incur an additional 4% charge). We do not accept cheques. You can make a payment using your on-line banking service or pay for your order using your Credit/Debit card online via PayPal. You do not need to be a registered PayPal Customer to use the PayPal secure online payment system. Terms and Conditions relating to PayPal services can be found at www.paypal.co.uk.
Delay in payment may incur a minimum statutory late payment charge of £40.00 (up to £999.99) or £70 (up to £9999.99) being added to the debt, along with 8.25% statutory interest charge plus any legal cost incurred, as per “the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013”.

Tax Charges
Calligraphy Studio is not a registered VAT payer, and therefore no tax is payable by you.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Calligraphy Studio has a policy of 30-day money back guarantee. If a Customer is not satisfied with our final work for any reason, there will be a complete refund upon the return of the work to us.

Spell checking
Final spell checking of all work supplied is the responsibility of the Client. Calligraphy Studio must be notified of any mistakes within 7 days of receipt of completed work. Amendments or alterations, as requested by the Client, will be charged at the standard hourly rate. Mistakes generated by the Studio will be corrected free of charge.

Client Responsibility
The accuracy of all data submitted to Calligraphy Studio is the Client’s responsibility. Additional charges shall be made for any additional alterations/corrections that are required as a result of alterations required by the Client. When style or layout is left to the Calligraphy Studio’s discretion, any subsequent changes to such style, type or layout required by the Client shall be subject to additional charges on a time and materials basis. Where any additional work of whatever nature is necessary as a result of copy supplied by the Client not being clear and/or legible, Calligraphy Studio shall be entitled to impose additional charges on a time and materials basis to cover such additional work. Orders can be cancelled at any time up to the completion of the job. However, the Client will be liable for payment of work that has been carried out up to that point.

Receipt of calligraphy work
You MUST examine all items you ordered and received, within 7 days of delivery. You must notify Calligraphy Studio in writing of any apparent defects, shortages or damages. In default of such written notification, Calligraphy Studio shall be deemed conclusively to have properly performed all obligations in relation to the purchase. In the event of a claim, settlement will be limited to the value of the goods defectively produced and will in no way extend to consequential loss, however caused.

Ownership of your order shall not pass to you until payment in full has been received for the price of your order as per our final invoice. Until the time of passing the ownership of items ordered to you, Calligraphy Studio shall be entitled to ask you to return your order to us.
Completed work can be photographed by Calligraphy Studio and may used as promotional material on Calligraphy Studio’s website or connected social networks and as print. We do not publish personal or sensitive information. The Client has to clearly express their refusal if the images are not to be used for promotional purposes.

Calligraphy Studio can organize a same day delivery by courier, within the Greater London area, starting from £15.00. Royal Mail postage will be charged at cost based on dated receipts. We charge extra for packing. Calligraphy Studio accepts no responsibility for calligraphy work lost, damaged or delayed in the post. All orders valued £50.00 and over are posted at least as 'Recorded Delivery'.

Overseas orders
If you reside outside the UK, we will ship to all over the world. Payment shall be made over the phone, by PayPal, or bank transfer before delivery, and the Client shall be responsible for paying any bank charges accruing. Shipping will be sent as 'Signed for'.

Recycled packing
Calligraphy Studio recycles packaging received from Clients, such as boxes, padded bags, packing materials, etc. It is only done with completely clean products and will not affect the items sent in it. Re-using and recycling are standard practices in the Studio.

Please Note
Due to the nature of the calligraphy product being individually handmade, slight variations can be expected. The Customer accepts that no two pieces of writing are identical and these variations will not be seen as faulty. Also, note that we do not insure for actual, timely and safe delivery of calligraphy work, although we make every effort to ensure calligraphy work is appropriately packed and protected. If you require your order to be insured, please ask and we will advise cost prior to posting.

All contents of this website and any examples provided are protected by copyright © and all rights are reserved by Calligraphy Studio. You acknowledge that the content of this website includes but is not limited to information, text and images provided by Calligraphy Studio. You understand, agree and accept that your use of the content of the Calligraphy Studio’s website and examples provided shall be governed and constrained by applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. You may not copy, adapt, modify, reproduce, publish or in any other way exploit any of the content in whole or in part.

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